What are some small facts that might save your life one day?

What are some small facts that might save your life one day? by Adarsh Kumar

Answer by Adarsh Kumar:


Below are some tips to use if you are someday stuck in a natural or man made disaster. These points can create all the difference between being alive or dead.

TSUNAMI – If you can see a tsunami wave, then you are too close to escape it. As soon as you notice water receding from the beaches, run as far away as possible and do not stay back to take a selfie or collect shells.

LOST IN A FOREST – You can use your watch as a compass by holding the watch flat and lining up the hour hand with the Sun. The point halfway between the hour hand and 12 will be the north in the northern hemisphere. If you are in the southern hemisphere line up the 12 with the sun. Remember the watch should be showing the correct time to really get close to accuracy.

CAMPING DISASTERS – Do not wear cotton for outdoor activities. It doesn’t stay warm when wet. Wet clothes lead to hypothermia which is also the number 1 killer of people outdoors. Always wear woollen or synthetic clothing or at least carry a pair with you in your outdoor campings so that you can wear them asap when situation arises.

TORNADO : Close all the doors and windows securely during a tornado. Homes with open doors and windows get damaged the most. Never stand under a bridge or an overpass. These traffic structures always fall first. Rather take shelter inside a building.

EARTHQUAKE: Do not stand under a doorway. It is as fragile as your entire house. Instead duck under a bed, table or sturdy flat topped furnitures.


  • Use condoms next time you are outdoors. Yes do it. It can help you stay away from stds as well as comes in handy as a mobile phone protector, can keep your matches dry and also act as a water holder.
  • Keep some steel wool and matches by default inside your flashlight. You can never know they may come handy.
  • Keep a bottle of bleach with you all times. Bleach can purify water. Fill an empty 500 ml bottle with water, add 2–3 drops of bleach and let it stand for 30 mins. Then drink.
  • You can use crayons as candles. Break the tip off and light the paper for a emergency candle.

Image Credits: Google Images

What are some small facts that might save your life one day?


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