What are some ‘fun facts’ about Indians and Indian Mentality?

What are some 'fun facts' about Indians and Indian Mentality? by Kaustav Das

Answer by Kaustav Das:

Here are some mind blowing fun facts about Indians and their mentality –

  • Mathematics may not teach us How to Add Love or How to Minus Hate But, It gives us reason to hope that,"Every Problem has a Solution".
  • That mentality: *reading the salad section on the menu* Waiter: "Ready to order, sir?" "Yeah one butter chicken. Two garlic naans. And 2 gulaab jamuns." :p
  • Awesome Trolls-



  • Irritating questions on quora:

source:Barbie giri

  • Family Contact Names-

Mohit Jagwani has written a fabulous answer …. shear classy.

  • Google search history: 'calories in potato chips', 'calories in fried chicken', 'calories in seekh kebab', 'least painful way to die'.
  • Awesome teachers-
  1. 37.58 kmph – Usain Bolt
  2. 409 kmph – Bugatti Veyron
  3. 9892 kmph – speed of chalk thrown by a teacher at the kid on the last bench
  • Leonardo Di Caprio never died in Titanic. Last scene: him going underwater. 1st Scene in Inception: him waking up on a beach!
  • Beggar: "Allah ke naam pe de de bhookh lagi hai"
    1. YouTuber: "Yeh lo 10 Rs. please make sure you like, comment, and subscribe to our channel"
  • Two Friends Are Talking… I've Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Yahoo,Msn,Skype & GTalk.- Dude, Do u've A Life…? – OMG! No! Send Me The Link…
  • Scientists: "An average sperm ejaculation transfers 1.5 terabytes of DNA data–" Reliance: "Bhai ye kuch bhi nai hai, Jio ke data plan dekh"
    1. This only happens in INDIA. 🙂
  • In india, A relationship without trust is like a cellphone with no service & what people do with a cellphone with no service? they just play games 😦
  • Humble request : Dear Smartphone Makers, Stop improving the phones and updating them! Work on making the batteries better!
  • Fifty Shades of Grey is romantic only because the guy is a billionaire. If he was from Delhi, it would be a Crime Patrol episode.
  • When your answer goes viral so you can't stop checking your notifications.
  • The great Indian way: Having 50 tabs open And not knowing which one That damn music is coming from!!
  • I am surprised so many Indians are taking over as heads of Global organisations without chewing Rajnigandha Paan Masala.
  • When you're done eating at the wedding but parents say will leave in a while.
  • These Thoughts : Did an online recharge. Got 3 Rupees cashback. Now I'm a little worried because if I keep doing this itna saara paisa main rakhoonga kahaan…..
  • In INDIA, Exams should be given on either Facebook or on phone instead of sheets,Because Today's students have more typing speed than writing speed.
  • When you are used to of Travelling in Mumbai Local.
  • Phone on silent. 10 missed calls. Turns volume to loudest. Nobody calls all day!!
  • TITANIC: The great Indian version.
  • Highlights of school life: 5th grade: moved from pencils to pens, 7th grade: moved from shorts to pants , 11th grade: moved from 85% to 42%
  • Internet: "If you scream for 8 years, you produce energy to heat one cup of coffee." Sunny Deol: "BALWANT RAI KE K– o coffee garam ho gayi"
  • Boy : U're singing very beautifully Girl : Thanks but i'm just a Bathroom singer! Boy: Then invite me to any of ur live programs!! :p
  • As a kid: "Jab mera ghar hoga, there'll be a hidden door. Behind a bookshelf. Like in Scooby Doo" Adult: "Pata nahi khud ka ghar kab hoga"
  • Laptop speakers… Too quiet for music, Too loud for porn :p
  • We all have that aunty, jo always bss ek hi sawal puchti hai-

“haan beta kitne percent aa gaye?”

  • Modern Indian generation: FOOD+INTERNET+MUSIC…. THIS IS LIVING
  • The Universal Truth :
  • SCHOOL vs COLLEGE: This-

Enough said….cheers….have fun.

EDIT: Thanks guys for such awesome responses . please keep it up dear upvoters ,it means a lot ….thanks again!!

What are some 'fun facts' about Indians and Indian Mentality?


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