Besides prestige, do luxury cars have any practical advantages?

Besides prestige, do luxury cars have any practical advantages? by Yeshu David

Answer by Yeshu David:

  • Lets talk about the latest Audi A8.
  • The car features a unique headlight.
  • Look’s unique from external part? Yes, it is unique from inner too.
  • This is how the headlight works in high beam mode.
  • Below you can see on the image, when there is a right twist on the road, the Left headlight reduces the focusing (couple of LED’s of LEFT headlight automatically gets off) and hence as a result, the car focuses only on the right cornering (as there is a right turn.)
  • At midnight's, when you drive a car, its not easy to spot the car coming from behind; through the rear view mirror.
  • So the Audi A8 headlights; divides the light at the car on the front, giving the driver a better view of rear incoming car(Audi A8).
  • Now on the next image below, you can see that a car is arriving from the front side, and both the headlights of Audi A8 plays an important role by not focusing on both incoming & ongoing cars at the front.
  • It’s because as most of you know, at midnight's when a vehicle arrives from the front side, due to the opposite car’s high headlight beam’s, the driver cant see the clear visual of cars coming. Hence it leads into an accident.
  • This technology of Audi A8, gives clear visual for the car coming from front side and reduces the chances of accident or collision.
  • Now in the below image, you can see a person walking down the streets. The car indicates a “Marking light” alerting the person about the incoming vehicle(Audi A8.)
  • In the image you can see, as the car spots a person; the 3rd LED light marked with (*) of right headlight gets on & off to make the person aware.
  • This is how the inner parts are categorized.

Besides prestige, do luxury cars have any practical advantages?


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