Who ruled after Rama? Why aren’t they popular?

Who ruled after Rama? Why aren't they popular? by Pranav Pandey

Answer by Pranav Pandey:

  1. After Rama's death, his elder son Kusha was the new King. He wasn't that much famous because
  • He was not as well witty or cool minded as Rama. Example comes from an incident when he tried to kill all the nagas only after he had doubt that a precious stone given to him by his father which was earlier given to Rama by Rishi Augusta was engulfed by the Nagas.
  • He was not that great warrior as his ancestors. This comes from the fact that while his father or ancestors never lost a war, he died while fighting against a devil named Durjaya, who had attacked on Swarga. (Although he was able to kill that and save Indra puri)
  1. Then his son Atithi from Nagkanya Kumudvati became the new King. He was a great king with an always smiling face and great heart. He was a great warrior and the finest king of his time under the guidance of Muni Vashishtha. Him being not famous after his reign was only because although he defeated each and everyone but never got through a great enemy. Quite possible that he was unlucky to get a birth in that dynasty from which no one dare to fight. He married to princess \U0001f478 of Nishadh desh.
  2. So, after Atithi his son Nishadh became the king. He was quite same as his father.
  3. Then came the great warrior Nal.
  4. Nal made his son Nabh the king of Uttar Koshal, when his son became young. Nal went to jungle for Tap.
  5. Nabh was descended by Pundareeq.
  6. Pundareeq 's son was Kshemdhanva.
  7. Kshemdhanva' s son was so great a warrior that he was made the leader of the army of the Devas. And hence named Devaneek.
  8. Devaneek was the father of a ruler who ruled over the whole Earth \U0001f30e and named Aheenagu. He was such a lovely ruler, that everyone, even his foes, loved him.
  9. Aheenagu 's death saw his son Pariyatra become the king.
  10. Pariyatra' s son was very courteous, that he even got shamed hearing his praise. And he got a name Shil.
  11. Shil's son was Nabhi.
  12. Nabhi's descendent was Vajranabha. He was also a great warrior.
  13. His son was Shankhad.
  14. After Shankhad, Haridashva became the king.
  15. Hari's son was Vishwasah.
  16. Vishwasah was the mighty father of the next king Hiranyabha.
  17. Hiranyabha's son was peace loving and handsome Kausalya.
  18. Kausalya made his son Bramhishtha the next king.
  19. Bramhishtha was a great king again who was the proud father of Putra.
  20. Putra, after giving his kingdom to his son Pushya, who was born on Paush Poornima, went to jungle with Maharshi Jaimini.
  21. Dhruvasandhi was the following king. He was attacked by a Lion and died while hunting even when his was a child.
  22. The young child of Raghuwansha, Sudarshan, was made next king at that very age, so that the country doesn't feel like orphan. He was 6 years old only then. Still he was the greatest Kung of his time.
  23. After Sudarshan got old, Agnivarna was the king of next generation. This was the king who led to the great RAGHUWANSHA at an End. He was always busy with ladies. He was indulged in sex always. He was never seen by the ministers or the citizens. Only they sometimes got a chance to see his feet. He was totally engaged in Vilasita only. Although he was very weak, but the other Kings had so much fear from the Raghavas, that they didn't ever attack him. He died at an age so young that his son was even in womb only.
  24. His pregnant wife was the next on the throne.
  • And hence, the great dynasty of Raghu came to an end.

Actually the other Kings except for the last were excellent too, but they had not done anything such great and also, their popularity was outshined by their ancestors.

Who ruled after Rama? Why aren't they popular?


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