What are some unknown secret tricks you should know about YouTube?

What are some unknown secret tricks you should know about YouTube? by Kaushal Sengupta

Answer by Kaushal Sengupta:

Here are some awesome tricks :

  1. Use youtube using keyboard only just add ‘/leanback’ at the end of YouTube as shown in the pic below

You will be redirected to youtube tv in which you will be able to select and play videos using your keyboard only

2. Wanna make your youtube drunk. Type this in youtube search

“use the force luke” (without quotes)

In the pic you see the missing u in the search that because after hitting enter youtube is behaving like a drunk person.

3. Make your youtube colourful. Just type “doge meme”

4. Add gif before youtube to convert video to images

You will be redirected to a GIF maker where you will be able to choose length of the GIF.

5.Youtube shortcuts : Too tired of using mouse,here are some youtube shortcuts that will ease out your pain.

  • Press F to view the video in Fullscreen mode
  • To pause a video: Press K.
  • To skip 10 seconds back and forward: Press J and L respectively.
  • Press M to toggle Mute.
  • “Shift + > key” will increase the playback speed. “Shift + <” will decrease it.
  • Toggle captions using C.
  • Number Keys to jump to the respective percentage of the video.
  • Press B for changing the background of the Subtitles.

6. Instead of watching the youtube videos on fullscreen watch it on a new tab just as you view websites on your browser. When the video is playing in fullscreen mode we won’t be able to do any other task unless we exit from the full screen mode.Watching videos on new tab gives us the freedom to do other task.

Now how to do it for example: if the youtube video url is like this


just modify the url by removing /watch?v with /v as shown below,


7. Start youtube video at a specific time by adding #t=time you want your youtube video to start from. For example if you want to start the video at 2 minute 2 sec then add #t=2m2s .Below is an example of starting the video at 3 minute

8 Replace “youtube” with “nsfwyoutube” and paste it in your address bar to bypass age restriction.

9. Disable ads on youtube:

To disable ads on youtube open any youtube video and then open Developer’s console( Press CTRL+SHIFT+J in chrome and CTRL+SHIFT+K in firefox) copy and paste this code give below

document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/; domain=.YouTube";window.location.reload();

inside the console and press enter and then close the console. The next time you open any video you won’t see any ad.

10. Replace “youtube” with “listenonrepeat” in the URL and paste it in your address bar and press enter to repeat the video automatically . You will be redirected to new website listenonrepeat website to repeat videos.

Else Right click on the video and select the “Loop” option. Much easier.

11. Replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to download the video in any quality available.

12. To get the mp3 version of youtube videos go to Youtube to MP3 Converter. Paste youtube video there to download the mp3 version.

13.Frustrated with the low volume of some youtube videos! Here is a trick to watch youtube videos with high volume. All you need to do is copy the video url, open vlc , press CTRL+N and paste the video url and play the video in vlc .In vlc you have the option of increasing the video volume upto 200%.

14. Download all the videos in a playlist or download multiple videos at one go just by creating a playlist and adding videos to it. All you have to do is goto Youtube Multi Downloader Online Free and paste your youtube playlist url and click on download.

15. Click here 360° Videos to watch youtube videos in 360 degrees. 360 degree videos works best on phone rather than PC.

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Thank, you!

Thanks! Adi Karamchandani for suggesting edits!

What are some unknown secret tricks you should know about YouTube?


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