If you mention ‘Quora’ as your hobby in a CV and the interviewer doesn’t know about Quora, how do you explain it to him?

If you mention ‘Quora’ as your hobby in a CV and the interviewer doesn't know about Quora, how do… by Vichitra Zawar

Answer by Vichitra Zawar:

Hello Sir!

Quora is analogous to Corporate World!

Quora has Writers!

Writers are like Firms in corporate world !

Some writers write answers on some fixed topics. These writers are firms which produce only one genre of products. Some writers write on vivid topics, these are like firms producing products of different genre.

Writers write answers!

Answers are like Products in corporate world!

Answers are seen by readers.

Readers are like Customers in corporate world.

Readers view answers.

Views are like Products viewed in stores in corporate world!

Viewers upvote answers.

Upvotes are like Buying a product.

Viewers downvote answers.

Downvotes are like Rejecting a product.

Popularity of an answer is similar to popularity of a product. Solely dependent on upvotes(Products bought) and Downvotes(Products rejected).

Some Writers are like bigger firms, some are smaller, some have just started.

Writer’s position is defined by followers, analogous to Firm’s position is defined by Brand followers.

Followers are like Brand Freaks in corporate world!

Followers of a particular writer upvote almost everything by the writer, similar to brand freaks who buy almost everything by a firm.

Followers and Viewers also comment.

Comment is like a Suggestion in corporate world! It comprises of appreciation too.

Viewers can also bookmark the answers.

Bookmarks is like View or Buy it more when needed later in corporate world!

To maintain the rules and regulations and to keep a check on policies, it has Quora Bots.

Quora bots is like Judicial systemin corporate world.

One can also Report on Quora.

Report is like Sue in corporate world.

The Quora bots(Judicial Committee) takes care after Reporting(Sueing).

One can also watch Writer’s profile.

Profile is like Firm’s Preface in corporate world!

Profile shows all the highlights, similar to Firm’s preface consisting achievements.

There is also a feature of messaging on Quora.

Message is like Mailing in corporate world!

Most writers(Firms) will Message(mail) you back as a sign of gratitude!

The most important part of Quora and Corporate World!

Question is like Demand in corporate world!

Quora(Corporate world) won’t work without Question(Demand). What if no Questions(Demands)? No! it won’t work!

Well anyway! It’s solely Writer’s(Firm’s) choice to write(produce) an Answer(Product) to a Question(Demand)!

Thank You!

If you mention ‘Quora’ as your hobby in a CV and the interviewer doesn't know about Quora, how do you explain it to him?


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