What are the basic laws that Indians are not aware of ?

Answer by Prateek Jhunjhunwala:

1. Whenever traffic police stops you for checking license or papers, it does NOT have any right to take out the keys to your bike or car.
Anyone who rides on Indian roads must have faced this or at least seen it happen. Police officers just take out the keys to the vehicle, even though this is completely AGAINST the law. But most Indians are unaware of this, so they say nothing and face harassment at the hands of the police.
Next time a traffic police stops you and takes out the keys to your vehicle, do not remain silent and teach him the law.
Another option is to carry a duplicate key with you in your pocket, so that even if the police takes your original key, you have another one which you can use to just drive away right in front of police's eyes 😛 (though I do not recommend this).
2. In case of an accident arising out of explosion of LPG cylinders at home, consumers are ensured for upto Rs 40 lakhs in events of death or damage to property (you might have heard of this somewhere). This is partly true.
Both, the LPG companies (oil companies) and the LPG Distributors (Gas agencies) take Third Party Liability Insurance. No premium is collected from the LPG customer. The LPG accident victims can claim insurance from the company and also from his/her local Gas Agency(distributor).
This third party liability policy (public liability policy) provides personal accident cover, reimburses medical expenses and covers property damage at authorized customer’s registered premises. The sum assured given to the accident victims is based on per event(accident) and per person (victim).
Here is the Public Liability Policy taken by Indian Oil(Indane Gas), Bharat Petroleum (Bharat Gas) and Hindustan Petroleum (HP Gas) companies. These companies have taken the insurance policy from United Insurance Company Ltd.
Below are the insurance coverage details:
1. Personal accident: Rs 5 lakh per person per event.
2. Medical expenses: Rs 15 lakhs per event, maximum Rs 1 lakh per person,
3. Property damage: Maximum Rs 1 lakh at authorized customers' registered premises.
The maximum limit of liability is as follows:
1. Per event: Rs 50 lakhs
2. Per person: Rs 10 lakhs
To claim insurance, the LPG customer must immediately inform the distributor in writing.  The distributor then informs the concerned oil company and the insurance company about the same. The local distributor has to assist the customer in completing the formalities of the insurance claim.

What are the basic laws that Indians are not aware of ?


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