What are some educational Whatsapp hacks?

Answer by Sushmita Joshi:

Do you want to access wikipedia via whatsapp?

Follow simple steps:

  1. Add +1 (604) 499 1532 to your whatsapp contact. Lets call this contact "wiki"
  2. Now create a group with "wiki" as a member, and others (as you like). You, by default are a member and this fulfills the group creating requisite of atleast two members.
  3. They send you a welcome text along with information on various services they provide like news, and spirituality. You can follow the steps as provided by them to use them.
  4. You can simply type "search <space> topic" and they'll send you required information. Within a second.

Isn't this awesome? Why you should also try this (if you're not already) :

  • Its a free service.
  • Its search is super fast, faster than your search engine. You get realtime information.
  • Most of us use whatsapp through out the day. Information here is readily accessible.
  • Its definitely a better way to spend your spare time, still staring on whatsapp!
  • You'll like the experience.

Thank me later!

PS – I'm not sure if this qualifies as educational whatsapp hack, but its helpful.
Also, I apologize for any editting error.
This service is provided by DUTA. More info on DUTA : https://duta.in

EDIT 1: Hey guys, I came to know a lot of people are unable to use this service. I searched a bit, there's another number "7200037454".

EDIT 2: Alternate contacts :

  • +1 2266461865
  • +1 5813183940

as mentioned by Divya Teja Kasula in comments. Thankyou Divya.
I tried these numbers, they're working for me just fine. Try these, and let me know if they do! Goodluck.

What are some educational Whatsapp hacks?


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