How has Narendra Modi performed so far relative to expectations for him when he became Prime Minister?

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

As of Feb 2016, the performance has been fair, not extraordinary. Relative to the expectations, it is low, but again in a democracy we cannot have unrealistic expectations about how fast things change. By design, democracies are designed for a slow, long lasting change, than a quick turn of the burner. People should understand that this is not a Revolution, but just elections where there can be only incremental change.
Economy: Most world experts agree that Indian economy is in a far better shape than most of the rest of the world. The confidence is higher than it was 3 years ago. Railways and main budgets have been reasonable. Not big hits, but small.
Security: 2015 had the least number of terrorist casualties in decades – South Asia Terrorism portal. 2014 too was quite peaceful except for Assam – where NDFB-IKS dramatically increased the scale of attacks. They seemed to have been tamed in 2015. Naxalites continue to be India's biggest terrorist threat – albeit producing smaller casualties than before. 
Foreign Affairs: One of the bright segments where the government went beyond expectations. Relationships with most of the world look good.
Social development: The push towards banking for all and a clean India worked well, even if the hype was somewhat short lived.
Infrastructure: Looks to have improved. Chronic power shortages are removed and new roads being laid.
Internal stability: The nation as a whole is quite stable. You can scroll down the  List of riots in India and you will see nothing in the past 3 years. For all the hooplah about "Intolerance", on the ground India's religious violence reduced over the past 2 years.
Overall, the things look ok. There is no hyperinflation or an economic crisis. There is no big internal disturbance or terror attacks beyond the Pathankot incident. There are no scams or critical dysfunctioning of the government organs. There are no war of words with other nations. Not as great as expectations, but better than what we had.

How has Narendra Modi performed so far relative to expectations for him when he became Prime Minister?


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