Which Mahabharat & Ramayan characters would you equate with politicians of India?

Answer by Manoj Jaju:

Ramayan was about ethics and Mahabharat was about Politics …

So I will draw all the parallels from Mahabharat

Yudhisthira – Arun Jaitley (Both Brainiest of all. Politically Correct and Composed in every situation)

Arjun – Narendra Modi (Both Talented and Follower of Dharma. Destined to get to top)

Karna – ManMohan Singh (Both Tragedy Man. Talent on Wrong side, drenched under favor shown by Adharma)

Shakuni – Digvijay Singh (Both Known for flattery to dynasty. both done best to get prince to throne)

Duryodhana – Rahul Gandhi (Both Want to get throne by their birth right and not by talent)

Abhimanyu – Arvind Kejriwal (Both New in War and want to win it alone. Chakravyuh planted by others against them. With half knowledge/immaturity and want to become hero,  one got stuck and other getting drowned)

Dhritarastra- Sonia Gandhi (Both blindfolded for their son and do not support son from within due to their inability)

Bheema – Amit Shah (Both the BADASS of the war. one had power of Thousand elephants and the other 10 Crore member)

​​Drona – Advani (Both considered the  Guru (Teacher) and second to the commander-in-chief. Skilled the best Shishya (Student), but only to be killed / finished by them (Arjun and NaMo)

Bhishma – Vajpayee (Both the Most respected in their own clan but also in opposition clans / political parties. "Clean Image". Vow of lifelong celibacy and felt hapless near deathbed !!)

The only downside to today's Politics is, there is no KRISHNA to show right path !!

Thanks a lot People. Overwhelmed with response. Few suggestions are awesome and I think must be added or updated in the answer, So changed above !!

Which Mahabharat & Ramayan characters would you equate with politicians of India?


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