What do you think about the JNU protest?

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Angry and ashamed. That students enjoying an Indian government subsidized University program right in the center of Delhi would chant slogans like: "The war would continue until India is destroyed" and "India should get out". Should India get out of JNU? Is JNU a part of Pakistan now?
This is plain terrorism. Fair and simple. I'm ok with someone saying "we should not give death penalty to anyone". I can tolerate someone saying "Afzal Guru was wrongly executed". I can even grit my teeth & tolerate someone saying "Yakub Memon should not be hung and he is a hero" [like what Rohit Vemula did]. But, when someone is chanting "Death to India" and "We will war India", they are way over the line and should be punished for treason. Round up everyone who participated in the event and question them. Not just the leaders.
Even more shameful is the silence of various Indian parties [and even worse supporting the protestors]. Delhi CM Kejriwal has all the time to read and retweet Times of India articles that praise him, but has no time to say something about this protest that happened right in his state? I mean this is a guy who attacked the PM for being silent on Dadri even when the PM had no jurisdiction over a state matter. This is his state and his administration and people were sloganeering that India should get out. And he has no time to say something. Shame on you, Mr. Kejriwal. You attacked our PM saying he was a "psychopath". What does this incident make you? Next time you talk about some other leader being silent, and I'm going to throw this incident right at you.
And what about Congress? I can understand the left parties sympathizing with the protestors. After all the left parties sided China even when China attacked India. You cannot expect them to be patriotic. But, Congress? The party that won freedom for India and once had great leaders? What about its silence? Do they also now agree that India should get out of Kashmir? Who is Rahul empowering now?
After I posted, I noticed that Kejriwal just broke his silence and unsurprisingly said it will cost the Modi government. Tweeted to him for the first time.
The leaders and parties that are silent in this issue or supporting the protesters are going to be punished. Modi lost Bihar because he was silent on Dadri. It was JNU that made all the noise back then. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. I saw one "scholar" of JNU writing about this issue [Bloodbath in the brook] , where he questioned the authenticity of our Constitution saying the representatives were not genuinely elected, we lost a lot of "nationalistic" forces to Pakistan, and that it was practically lifted from the GoI Act 1935. If you don't even respect our Constitution, why should its provisions of freedoms apply to you?
This is a far more important issue and silence here is not going to be taken lightly. This is not some offbeat leader or university saying some random crap. This is a university that dominates the social sciences in India and these students are going to influence Indian schools, colleges and legislative assemblies with their books and articles. If the university doesn't bell this cat and put out hate speech in its campus, Indian government probably will.

What do you think about the JNU protest?


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