What’s the most motivating one-liner ever?

Answer by Kanishk Kuril:

Its my hobby to collect one liners , I have around 1.5k+ quotes and one liners , here are some :-

1)The ultimate confrontation :-
"It comes down to one simple thing : How bad do you want it ? "

2)A different perspective to pain :-
" Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises .Maybe its about collecting the scares to prove we showed up for it. "

3) Be careful
" You will turn out to be ordinaryif you aren't careful."

4) When no one believes in you , remember :-
"Sometimes life id about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you."

5) When someone says you aren't perfect :-
" I am made entirely of flaws, stiched together with good intentions. "

6) Why to give more than 100 % :-
"Go to the extra mile it is never crowded"

7)A desirable lifestyle :-
" Drive german, wear italian ,Drink Scoth, Kiss french "

8)Being rich is important :
"Money isn't everything but everything needs money "

9) Hang in there:-
"Sometimes you need to fall before you can fly "

10)Determination :-
"Forget all the reasons that it won't work and believe in the one reason it will "

11)Well said Will Smith :-
"The first step, before anyone else in the world believes it , Is you need to believe it"

12) Enjoys the highs , learn from the lows :-
"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor"

13) Just do it :-
"You dont always need a plan bro . Sometimes you just need balls "

Got tonnes of more 😛

What's the most motivating one-liner ever?


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