Has Narendra Modi brought “ache din”?

Answer by Abhishek Anand:

Don't know about others but 6000 student of NIT Durgapur have certainly one more reason to believe that 'Acche Din' are here.
It started when we lost a member of NIT family due to medical negligence and later on administration refused to do anything about it.
But then students stood up against administration by refusing to give semester exams until justice was served.You would think yeah that's a change,students fighting against system, but no, not for us as there was atleast one such strike against the director every year since he took his position.
Even our Alma mater was so fed up of strike which usually ended up without any result that they decided to take it a level further i.e, by boycotting the convocation ceremony.
What happened usually was that due to some problem with administration protests were held and Director's resignation was sought after which Training&Placement department used to stop recruitment process and then strike was called off so that people could get jobs.
This time we decided to take it further by using social media so extensively that it comes in mainstream media and then become a national news. So the students started a twitter hashtag #JusticeForProsenjit (Prosenjit Sarkar was the name of guy whom we lost) and started a tweet frenzy in hope of being picked up by mainstream media but nothing happened. No 'acche din' yet
But then something new happened, the issue was noted by HRD Minister Smriti Irani herself and she gave a reply
The reply was from the most controversial minster of Modi Cabinet.This was new and we realized yeah something has changed but the answer being quite ambiguous we thought nothing more would happen so we continued our strike but then comes the next reply by our HRD minister
The officers arrived next day as promised and talked with both the student body as well as administration but even then there were doubt amongst many whether a definite action would be taken because there was no precedent for such a case so we continued our protest but within next 7 days we got another reply from Mrs. Irani herself
The action which was taken was a definite one where director was forced to resign, involved doctor was suspended till further enquiry and institute was ordered to pay compensation to deceased's family. All of this action within 10 days and that too from a HRD Minister with alleged 'fake Degrees'. If she could do so much for us which Mr. Kapil Sibal as HRD minister with so many degrees never did then certainly we could say Acche Din has arrived. There have been many such instances where Cabinet Minsters themselves have conversed with people directly, listened to their grievances and resolved the problem immidiatley.

Has Narendra Modi brought "ache din"?


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