How does it feel to get fired from your job suddenly?

Answer by Ratnakar Sadasyula:

It happened to me just 2 years back, when I was called by my HR and told that I need not come to office from Monday onwards, and I would be getting my 2 months salary. It was sudden, no advance notice, no prior warning nothing. It was not that I was idle, I was neck deep in a project, working on a crucial module. There was no attempt even made to give me time to do a Knowledge Transfer to other colleagues. I was asked not to speak to any colleagues about this, was just asked to take my belongings and leave.

The irony was that I was the one who had done more work on my module than others, got it up and running. There were issues, but primarily due to lack of  guidance. Basically the management had no clue about how to manage the project, the specifications just keep changing randomly, and it got escalated. They needed some scapegoat, since I was the one getting the higher pay it fell on me.

It was not an easy feeling at all, I had a family to support, I had bills to pay, I had to pay the tuition fees for my daughter's school and here I was out of a job, staring at an uncertain future ahead. It was hard to be facing this, and for 4 months I was jobless, one of the worst period of my life. It was also the time I realized, that corporate relationships never really have any meaning.  All those colleagues with whom I was hanging out, boozing, did not even bother to call me up and find what happened. Not even a single courtesy call, and these were the same guys who used to literally force me to join some party. Not that I believed in it earlier,  but this whole corporate bonding, team bonding thing is an utter sham. It was not that bad at my earlier workplaces, where we had a good bonding, even after I left the company. 

Also being jobless is one of the worst possible things to ever happen, you become an object of pity, ridicule, there is rarely any empathy. Every Tom, Dick and Harry, becomes an expert on your career, giving you free advice, even though they had no clue what you are doing. I finally managed to land up a job, but these 4 months were harrowing, one of the worst phases in my life.

On a positive note, it was during my lay off period, that I discovered Quora, and that I guess was one of the good things that happened.

I just want to say one thing, don't take your workplace too seriously, invest time in good hobbies, in family. Never ever trust your workplace colleagues, sorry if I am sounding cynical, but too many bitter experiences has just made me wary. Finish work, go home, spend time with family or if you are single, spend time reading or learning music or watch a good movie.

How does it feel to get fired from your job suddenly?


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