How can I hack my school server and steal all the exam papers?

Answer by Blaise M Crowly:

OK, I am going to give you the exact steps. Hacking is not easy, but it can be done with sufficient knowledge and understanding. Before you start, you need to have patience and time to learn the art and properly do it.

Don't take the advice of the people who give simple steps as if you are not careful enough you can get caught and for doing it in the perfect way you need to master the art, know the risks and learn to avoid it.

It is a long process, but there is a shortcut you can use which I will explain in the end as hacking is more exciting with the actual method.

Are you ready?

  1. Step one. To be able to hack or be a hacker you need to have real good command over at least one programming language. If you are already good in something it is great, else please head to Google's Python Class to start with Python or go ahead and go for C++ or C if you have more time.
  2. Next, you need to learn what happens behind a server which sends you the details. Basically you are going to trick the server into sending you the question papers and even the answer key so you need to learn how that server software works.  Here is an easy guide to speed you up: How to Install the Apache Web Server on a Windows PC
  3. Spend some time and check out how the files are requested and received by the server and client couple. For example, how does your browser send a request and what is the response? All that 404, 200 and 304 stuff.
     Here is a simple guide that explains that: In Introduction to HTTP Basics
  4. Next you need to learn how to be a ninja so that you can avoid being detected. Neither the server administrator nor the teachers should know what you did, right? So you need to learn to fake your IP address, MAC address and cheat the entire school network into thinking you are someone else.
    I am adding some resources to help you do this quickly.
    Spoofing Attack
    How do I spoof the IP that my computer sends a server without using something like a VPN or proxy?
    How to Spoof a MAC Address
  5. Now just a few more steps. The major problem you are going to face is that the servers are usually Linux and not Windows so take a look at this:…
  6. Now comes the fun part. Cracking the passwords. The passwords are usually made into hashes so people can't read it if they hack in, but you can hack this using few different techniques:
    1: Brute force – Python Brute Force algorithm
    2: Dictionary attack –How to Generate Word-Lists with Python for Dictionary Attacks
  7. Once you are inside you need to find the database system and extract out the information. This would usually be done by using SQL, so you'll have to learn that querying language, as well.
  8. Delete all records on the server of your login by scrubbing the records.

That is all. I have left out lot of details due to lack of time, but this will give you enough guidance to get it done. This should just take over six months for you to pull off in a normal condition.

Oh, I did promise you a shortcut.

How can I hack my school server and steal all the exam papers?


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