If you had ₹5 with you in India and a day’s time, how would you increase it to ₹100 (using legal methods. No gambling, stealing, etc.)?

Answer by Dinesh Kumar:


Buy an A4 or A3 sheet(~₹1 ), a pencil(₹2), an eraser and a sharpener(₹2).
That's your investment.

If you are an Artist:
 Go to the nearest public place where you can find couples and explain that you can draw their picture for ₹100.

If you are a mechanic:
 Walk to the highway and write a sign board saying "Can repair almost any vehicle for 100 Rupees!"(provided that the vehicle contains the tools needed to repair). You could replace the flat tyres, check for radiator, oil leakage etc. 

If you are an IT employee:
 Write a sign board saying "can debug the code for 100+ Rupees" and go to the nearest public IT area(during lunch time and evenings) where people might be sitting in front of their laptops and scratching their heads.

If you are an electrician:
 Go to the streets where there might be power problems or minor appliances problems in their houses and repair them.

If you are an architect:
 Draw a simple plan of a building and sell it to the contractors.

If you are a photographer(or a guy who knows how a camera works):
 Go to a nearest tourist spot and write a sign board saying "can help with taking awesome pictures" and take a picture for few rupees.

Above all, are nothing but freelancing in public.

If you are nothing:
 Save the five rupees for eating any food that gives some energy and go to a construction site for working as a daily wage for one day or go to a transport factory for lifting some heavy bags of stuff for some money.
you know, hard work is always paid.

It's legal.


I want to update few points raised in the comments/messages:

The money you earn depends on the amount of work done. So, you can ask the right amount for your work, not just Rs.100.

My point on IT employee to be as to help the person who came to a public place with a laptop during the lunch/free hours and still continuing his work, tell him to relax while you can finish his work in the mean time.

What about traveling? :
I think two legs does the job. (Is it pretty hard to walk a few kilometers?)

What fills the stomach for Rs. 5?:
Perk glucose :p
It's not about filling the stomach or enjoying the taste, it's to get out of hunger.

How did you approach to this answer? :
When I first saw this question, I myself thought 'what would I do if I had only five rupees in my pocket?'
After twenty minutes, I came up with the first point of this answer.

If you had ₹5 with you in India and a day's time, how would you increase it to ₹100 (using legal methods. No gambling, stealing, etc.)?


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