What are the best things Rahul Dravid has ever said?

Answer by Lalit Vijay:

"Please help your team mates.That extra bonus won’t even matter to you while you are on the death bed."

Okay, let me narrate you an incident. I happened to meet him at an event a couple of months back. It was an inspirational talk for the corporates.

We were shown a picture of NatWest Trophy final at LORD’s with  Shirtless Ganguly and the team celebrating in the balcony and asked if everyone remembers this ?

Everyone screeched their lungs out and replied in unison YESSSSSSS !

Then the conversation went like this –

Rahul Dravid: Do you think was I a success or a failure in that match? Okay let me put it this way. How many runs did I score in that  game? Based on that you take a call. 5 runs I guess? Then I must be a  failure? I would say NO. I was a match-winner.

I think we’ve come to an age where no one actually wants  to go an extra mile.

I contributed by wicket-keeping that day. I helped Sourav and the team to solve the puzzle. India was in search of a  quality wicket keeper batsman back then. This was before MSD had arrived  to the party. Guys don’t laugh, there was an era before Dhoni as well.  Sounds unbelievable right! So, what I’m trying to convey is that if I  wouldn’t have gone an extra mile to wear those gloves, Kaif- The extra  batsman wouldn’t have played and you wouldn’t see this picture.

At times, please do little unconditional things which adds joy by giving.

Source : Getty

I never hoped to see myself in the London times the next day because I  wasn’t the front end hero but I knew, the team knew that I was a rock star  at the back.

Audience : *Mouth wide open*

Edit : Since, a lot of you are wondering how could he praise himself; even I felt the same. I think it was the only time he did that.Since, he had to emphasize on going that extra mile selflessly to a bunch of CORPORATES,  I guess he had to.

It's just a fragment of the entire inspirational talk. In case you wish to read the entire experience here is the link – An afternoon with my role model: Mr. Humble bee! | The Cricket Gully

What are the best things Rahul Dravid has ever said?


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