How do introverts enjoy life?

Answer by Greeshma Girish:

A small peek at how I enjoy my life
1. A playlist for every activity/place.

2. Mute the WhatsApp groups I can’t exit (because I'm added back in it, duh!)

3. Travel solo/Long solo rides.

(On my way to Nandi Hills, India)

4. Have a Facebook account and use it to see what's trending, funny videos etc. Hide everything from the timeline, including birthday. And also, strict privacy settings.

5. My room is my world. I freak out when flat-mate/room-mate says that she has her friends/boyfriend coming over.

This poster is stuck on my room door and I take it pretty seriously.

6. I enjoy drinking alone and I don’t find that depressing at all. With the witty and funny jokes and punch lines I make in conversations with myself, sometimes I feel I could make a good stand-up comedian. (No picture for this point. As a personal rule, I avoid using my phone whenever I'm drunk. Also, I dislike SELFIES.)
7. I ONLY talk/share in a group/meeting when
–         I have something to say AND
–         I feel whatever I say would be comprehended by a minimum of n-2 people where n is the number of people in the group/meeting.

The above point however tends to make me seem all uppity at times. Sad, I know, but meh!

I'd sum it up by using the bold line from Tejasvita Apte's answer:

An ideal day is where I spend time reading, writing and listening to music.

How do introverts enjoy life?


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