How can I concentrate on one thing for a long time?

Answer by Barnard Law Collier:

There is a graphology technique called The Concentration Vortex that significantly increases the intensity and focus of concentration, and it takes only a few minutes whenever you feel scattered, and first thing before going to "work" where you must block out distractions and act with precision.

The illustration above is from a  Moleskein notebook, but a similar sentence (a few words longer) can be written from almost margin to margin at the top of an 8.5 x 11 UNLINED paper. The next sentence must be written somewhat smaller, and the next smaller, and the next smaller still, until you have created a Concentration Vortex that by the time you get to the bottom of the "tornado" will require serious concentration to make the script even a few millimeters smaller.

The intensity and focus you must exercise will stay with you for hours, and when the effect fades, you can make another vortex.  Be sure what you write is as clear as you can make it,  because the point is to get a readable script as small as you can possible make it, even under a magnifying glass.

This is not always easy, nor pretty, but as you practice, you will get more refined, and your concentration in all other matters will improve. Graphology studies show a 50%+ improvement (both focus and comprehension) in "concentration" with regular use of the Concentration Vortex.

How can I concentrate on one thing for a long time?


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