What do women love most about men?

Answer by Sharmila Ashraf:

Dad: "Have it, I am done."
Saves the last mango of the season for me, even though he craves for it
Brother:"You will never listen to me"
Rushes with the helmet when I am about to leave in my bike.

Ex-boyfriend: “Just noticed that your profile picture is public, thought to notify you in case you are not aware” After he got unfriended post breakup.
Boy Friend: "Just follow me; I know how beautifully you cross the road"
Hold's hand tightly while crossing the road.

Best Friend: “You come this side”  He walks on the outside of the side walk in such a way I am protected from the passing vehicles.
Cousin: “You seriously like this shit?” While enduring a girly movie just for my sake

Colleague: “It’s okay yaar, I will finish this presentation. You go home it’s already late” Even though his home is twice as far as mine.
Boss: "Sharmila, don't forget to text me once you reach home safe".
While I take a cab home after a long day at work
Random Cab driver: “Madam, my daughter also looks like you. One day I want her to work in a big office like you” Trying to comfort me in a late night cab drive.
Some random stranger: “Can I be of help?”
When my bike won’t start even after numerous kicks
I just wonder how men are naturally so sacrificing, caring, protective & generous. And yeah, that’s what most women like about men.

What do women love most about men?


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