How does it feel to be bald?

Answer by Sanjay Mucharla:

I say just go for it!

Here is my story!

Most of the men in my family and immediate family are bald, and I realized at a pretty young age that there was a really good chance that I'd go bald too at some point in my life.

I started losing hair when I was around 21, and everyone started pulling my leg about the fact that I was going to turn bald soon. I was losing confidence, and started hating myself every time I looked at myself in the mirror. This lead me to visit a doctor at a hair loss clinic. I wasn't sure why or what I was doing, but decided to do it anyway because of pressure from family and friends.

So here I am at this doctor's clinic talking about my life's biggest problem, as I was made to believe by my family and friends (including bald guys, mind you!). What was surprisingly shocking to me was that the doctor who was treating me made it a kind of a joke too about the fact that I was losing hair at such a young age. I was shattered and paid no attention to what he said after that. I clearly remember walking out extremely frustrated, and then something made me stop and think about what was happening to me. I realized that my anger and frustration was because of others opinions about me, and had absolutely nothing to do with how I felt about myself. It was all a result of people being successful at brainwashing me.

I'm glad I went to the doctor that day, as I have never looked back since then. Balding, after that day, has never made me feel weak or less confident. It in fact has made me stronger and taught me not to give a crap about what people think about me, my appearance, or the decisions I make in life. It has also taught me not to not worry about things that are not under my control.

Your attitude is what makes or breaks you. If you feel confident about who you are, or how you look, no one can change the way you feel about yourself!

This was me at 20, after which I started to lose my hair rapidly. Lost almost 40% of my hair in the next three years.


I didn't wait to go completely bald, and ended up going for an almost bald look (a buzz cutt) with a stubble. I really like it this way, but wouldn't think twice if I have to go for a clean shave.

I started focusing my energies on other things that I knew would make me happy, and better as a person. Fitness being one of them.

This was me at 26, smiling confidently at the camera, and rocking my bald look! πŸ™‚

​And now at 27…


Some of the conversations I have with family and friends now still start with them making a point about my hair. The only change being they don't affect me anymore. I've grown up. I hope they will too someday!

Ending my rant with some pros and cons from my experience!

– I spend '0' bucks on haircuts, hair gels, and other styling products.
– I can comfortably wear hats without thinking twice about messing my hair.
– I never, like never, have bad hair days!

– I can never prove that I am standing against the wind! πŸ˜‰

How does it feel to be bald?


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