What is the best thing to do when a grenade is thrown at you?

Answer by Noam Kaiser:

Thanks for the A2A.

Well, here are 3 things I know for sure about your starting point:

  • You'll be surprised;
  • You'll have ~3 seconds;
  • and you'll be exposed to a dangerous radius of approximately 30 ft.

Forget running,
You'll never make it in time.
If there is something right next to you that allows you to take cover behind: DO IT.
(Make sure you don't jump across and over what you were taking cover behind so far, if you were – because now you'd be exposed to enemy fire)

But if there isn't cover, and that is very likely –



This makes the most sense.
The reason is – most of the fragmentation goes away from the surface the grenade is up against, which in 99.9% of the cases would mean: UP.

(This is taken from this answer: Noam Kaiser's answer to How is a bomb defused? and is about IED – Improvised Explosive Devices, but the idea is, shrapnel, mostly goes upwards)

The deadly radius applies to a cone shaped area that goes upwards as it gets farther away from the grenade.

Lying down is most likely to save you from shrapnel and shock-wave (There's none of that "Nuclear" fire mushroom you see in D class movies).

3 things to try and remember:
1. Head away from grenade –
you'll have enough time to fall in the right direction – that is it.
It just makes sense, if you're gonna lose something, better make it 50% of your toes than 50% of your neck.

2. after lying, face down, hands go over the back of that neck –
You're having grenades thrown at you – that probably means you're a soldier, you have protective gear on:
You helmet will protect that half a brain you had when you signed up to be a warrior, your vest will protect the abdomen and chest.
Protect the neck and the lower back of your head.
This position will also decrease the damage to your ear drum.
But you'll take a few seconds to get that hearing back after the explosion.

 3. You have good chances of making it if you lie down quickly and remember the 2 points above.
If you did – excellent.
Don't sit there and congratulate yourself.
Whoever threw the grenade might throw a second one or charge gun strong.
Snap out of it and improve your position.
This is usually the beginning of something.

(By the way, if you remember to yell "Grenade" that would be nice. Your team mates might not notice, and I know you would have appreciated the same gesture)

Oh, and all this James Bond type throw the grenade back BS…?
You know what?
If you're stupid enough to try that, based on what you see in the movies, you deserve what's coming to you…

And to end on a lighter note:
Top Secret – Grenade

Peace on earth.

What is the best thing to do when a grenade is thrown at you?


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