Who are the most unfortunate cricketers of current time?

Answer by Aniket Verma:

I don't know about the most unfortunate cricketer.But This man is always going to be in the top most unfortunate cricketers.

Instance 1)World Cup Final t20 2007.
When MSD's top batting line up was falling apart.
Gautam Gambhir stood tall and helped India reach a respectable total.
Result:India won
Man of the Match-Irfan Pathan.
Few days later no one remembered his valour match saving innings.

Instance 2)World Cup Final ODI 2011
Indian team was in turmoil after Sehwag Sachin and Kohli fell ealry chasing a not so huge total of 274.Most of us had almost given up on Indias chances of winning the World Cup.One more wicket at that moment would  have almost ensured Srilanka of yet another World Cup title after 15 years.But Gambhir refused to give up.He hung in there unshaken and unstirred and scored a brilliant 97.
Result:India won the world cup after 28 years
Man of the Match:MS Dhoni
Few days later people remembered Ms dhoni as the man who brought us the world cup.

Instance 3)Napier test match 2009 against New Zealand.I think this was by far the best innings i have ever seen him play.
India was following on thanks to the mammoth innings played by jesse ryder and taylor and average bowling performance by the visiting team.A comprehensive win was on the cards for the Kiwis.But Gautam Gambhir had another plans he stood in there
for around 10 hours and faced some 400 odd balls to make his century with  a strike rate of just above 30 .His resilient innings helped India save the test match.This is what he had to say after that innings.
"I remember I called up a very close friend and told him I had a very strong gut feeling that I was going to bat for two days. It was very instinctive. I was batting on 20-something then"
But unfortunately again no one talks about this innings.

Gautam Gambhir the Unsung hero of Indian Team .

Who are the most unfortunate cricketers of current time?


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