What are some of the best ways to become extremely smart?

Answer by Kunaal Sharma:

10 simple points.

1. READ books from any genre (fiction or nonfiction), newspapers and print media daily for at least 20 minutes.

2. Sleep early, for an optimum duration and wake early.

3. Run, work out and stay fit.

4. Take a long break from social networking sites, instead, socialize in person. It even enhances social skills.

5. Engage in a productive hobby like learning a new thing or a hack. It will always prove helpful no matter how funny or lame or complex it would appear. (For e.g. cooking!)

6. Work on your weaknesses. Overcome your fears. There's always room for improvement. For e.g. join a public speaking course if you have stage fright.

7. Interact more with people who inspire, whom you think you can learn a great deal from, find out what makes them special.

8. Learn from your mistakes, in fact, be one step ahead and learn from other people's mistakes.

9. Avoid judging a person or situation by face value. Stop pointing out flaws or criticising just because it is easy to do.

10. Think with your own mind. It's not always wise to follow the crowd mentality.

Good luck !

Edit: Thank you for the response. I hope it helps you make a difference in your life.

What are some of the best ways to become extremely smart?


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