How does one know what their favourite colour is?

Answer by Nikunj Madhogaria:

Here's a new logo of Coca-Cola —

    Err. Don't like it? Neither do I.

    Here's the original logo of Tropicana —

    Soothing, right? Wanna change it? No? Neither do I.

    Why does a 'green' Coca-Cola logo appears so disturbing, where as the same green colour looks so appealing in case of Tropicana?

    Over the years, we have developed a colour-psychology, where each colour has its own meaning. For example — the red colour resonates with energy and excitement which justifies its usage in Coca-Cola's logo, its products (beverages) being used in moments of joy and excitement (remember the tagline, "open happiness"?). In case of Tropicana which offers fruit-beverages, which colour would better express the health concern for their consumers other than green, which resonates with nature.

    Here's a list of some well-known brands depicting the relation between "what they do" and the colour of their logos.

    Now, you know "why" a particular colour is chosen for a particular brand. The same holds true when a person chooses his/her favorite colour. The choice of colour, indeed reflects your emotional composition when you chose it. The following chart represents the colour-emotion relation.

    That being said, you must have observed that most boys as kids had blue as their favorite colour. The blue colour signifies strength and power. Boys as kids, always consider themselves strong and powerful. In some cases, the association can be made with they dreaming of becoming pilots, flying in the sky — which again is blue.

    Similarly, girls as kids (and even after they have grown up), find the pink colour very appealing. Girls tend to be more sensitive, caring and sympathetic. No wonder why they find this colour so alluring. For some, it could be the memories of them decorating their barbies — most of which are pink.

    In short, the choice of favorite colour of a person, can be mapped to their emotional-state, their dominating thoughts or moments that had left profound impact at that juncture when they decided, "Yes! This is my favorite colour!"

    However, this doesn't mean that a person will necessarily stick to his/her favorite colour after he has chosen it. Most of us when asked, "Why's that colour, your favorite colour?", won't have an answer to it. And, if given a choice to choose a "new" favorite colour, most of us will be up for it. The reason is simple. In different walks of life, our emotional composition is different. Some might stick to their favorite colour simply because they find themselves looking good when they're dressed in that tint, others might find their ambience tranquilizing in that tone.

    Besides, you'll be surprised to find that your choice of colour at any moment maps to most of your emotions as per the colour-emotion chart. Wanna try? Choose a colour. Don't think about it, be spontaneous with your answer; accept the first colour that comes into your mind and don't analyze your choice. Look up the chart.

    Congratulations! You've a new favorite colour now.

    I chose orange. Oh yes, I'm indeed happy!

How does one know what their favourite colour is?


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