What do the general category people think about the reservation system in India?

Answer by R.Harish Navnit:

Note : I'm writing this in a hurry, it won't be very well organized. Let's give it a shot. I'll edit this one in the future. Got little time now. 

I belong to the general category, for no fault of mine. You are an SC/ST student for no good of your own. You don't want the system to change because it heeds you. I want it to change because it's not doing me any favors. Who is right ?

You say your ancestors were untouchables, you are poor and inherited nothing but that, but still find a way to post a question on the internet. When you say you are poor, you think it's because you belong to a certain caste. Humans know caste, poverty doesn't. It can hug anyone, it doesn't discriminate.

You say you deserve reservations because your grandfather was poor. Well are you poor ? Is your father poor ? Who's fault was it really ?
It's been almost 7 decades into independent India. Your grandfather had the benefit of reservations(probably your great grandpa too), your father had the benefit of reservations everyone else in your family had the benefit of having reservations. You're still poor ? Oh, that's sad. Don't worry, let me give you too the benefit of reservation and I'll wait for your grandchild to post/answer a similar question somewhere down the line.

All this while, I'll toil hard, fight the injustice and reach a certain level. While you can be laid back and continue being what you have always been, and what is that btw ? Well, you tell me.

I can understand when reservations are made according to the financial conditions of people. This however, to me at least, is just plain non-sense.

What do the general category people think about the reservation system in India?


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