What is the saddest feeling in the world?

Answer by Saurabh Singh:

"Mother, I would be coming tomorrow to pay you a visit."- uttered her 25 year old son. She didn't care about her ailment and went to shop, (for she wanted to cook her son's favorite delicacies) as if that phone call had filled her with bundles of joy all of a sudden. And why not? Her son was returning home after a year!

The mother couldn't sleep the whole night in excitement. She kept on singing in joy and spent hours in the kitchen. The dining table didn't have an inch left, as the mother filled it with variegated cuisines prepared with love.

Suddenly, the bell rang and the mother darted towards the gate (with a great urge to embrace her son), to only find two soldiers bringing up the body of a martyr wrapped in the tricolor.

Last night, militants had attacked the army base. Such was the fate that only one mother could embrace her child that day and the brave son chose to fulfill the promise made to the mother nation over the promise made to his own mother.

The dining table remained full as there was a body, who couldn't eat and there was a soul, who didn't want to eat.

Nothing in this world could match the grief/ sadness that a parent feels post encounter with the dead body of his/ her own child.

EDIT: This story is not based on a real incident. It is an attempt to express gratitude to our soldiers in my own small way.

What is the saddest feeling in the world?


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